Friendship With God – Chapter One

Anytime is a good time to deepen your friendship with God. This is the story of how my relationship began and has grown over the years. It is the first chapter in my book, Screaming On the Inside.  Each chapter is a true story and each one concludes with an Application Study Guide, Nuggets of Truth, Meditation Questions, a Personal Prayer and Scripture References that are relevant to the topic of the story. I hope you enjoy Chapter One- Friendship With God in it's … [Read more...]

What Readers Are Saying About “Screaming On The Inside”

I thought you might like to see how other readers are responding to my book.  I just finished reading your book! What a great book, Leann! I will happily recommend it as you have SO MANY TRUTH NUGGETS in there for people. And I love how you offer learning how to obtain that freedom after each chapter. Well done! JW I had my daughter read the chapter in your book about falling in love (I think every girl should read this!)  and she still has the book.  I think she couldn’t put it down!  I … [Read more...]

Rave Review for Screaming On The Inside – by Paula Parker

SCREAMING ON THE INSIDE (A JOURNEY TO FREEDOM) is a wealth for those seeking hope. Posted by Paula K. Parker Since the fall of Adam and Eve, it’s been part of the human condition to go through pain, betrayal and disappointment. What makes each person’s journey different is how they respond to these challenges. Some believe in the ‘just get over it’ mentality where you bury your pain deep inside, hoping that by ignoring it, it will all go away. Others medicate their pain through chemical, … [Read more...]

Letting Go Of The Things You Can’t Control

This is the message I gave on a topic that affects men and women alike at Southview Community Church in Spring Hill, TN The theme was taken from the chapter "The Quest For Motherhood" from my book "Screaming On The Inside." [youtube]WyQmSpUclrs[/youtube] Here are some comments about the video: An e-mail sent to Carl - I listened to Leann's Mother's Day message and what a beautiful testimony to spiritual motherhood.  I didn't realize you went through such trying times.  That's so … [Read more...]

Theophostic – Basic Steps

For more information, to obtain counseling or attend a conference near you visit: 1) Close your eyes – be open to the pictures and memories that the Lord will bring to you. 2) Pray: “Jesus, to what memory would you like to take me today?” 3) Wait for Him to bring it to your “screen”. Go to the first visual He gives you… don’t second guess it. 4) Saturate yourself in that memory. Look around…see and feel everything that is going on around you. 5) Identify the lie … [Read more...]

Screaming on The Inside – My Journey to Freedom

What is "Screaming On The Inside" about? Screaming on the Inside is a burning anthem about pressing through the emotional damage which is so often inflicted in life. Your heart will break—and soar—through these very personal and powerful stories of injury, devastation, and restoration. Read how one woman pushed beyond fear and pain to find the joy and peace of total acceptance in Jesus. And, the real message of the book is: you can do this too! Screaming on the Inside gives towering … [Read more...]