What Readers Are Saying About “Screaming On The Inside”

I thought you might like to see how other readers are responding to my book.

 just finished reading your book! What a great book, Leann! I will happily recommend it as you have SO MANY TRUTH NUGGETS in there for people. And I love how you offer learning how to obtain that freedom after each chapter. Well done! JW

I had my daughter read the chapter in your book about falling in love (I think every girl should read this!)  and she still has the book.  I think she couldn’t put it down!  I wanted to go through it like a devotional.  But I couldn’t stop reading.  (I cried, and laughed and cried and laughed)  Then I went back and have used some of it as a devotional. The chapter on Sabbath really hits me where I am!   CL

Wow girly!  I can’t put your book down.  You and Carl just got married.  I had to quit reading at midnight.  I can just hear you telling your stories and I love it.  You are brave to put all this down on paper but I know it will bring such freedom to people’s lives. I know it took years to finally get this book complete and even at the finish line you had delays but YOU DID IT!  A job well done my friend.  CTK

Well, I loved your book. It is so candid and really gave evidence of the character of God. I knew even before you said you were writing a book that I needed to hear your story. So, I was very excited when it finally released. Thank you so much for being obedient!  EF

I love your book and your open heart and I thank you for your honesty. I am going to try to find some girls to study it with me. I hope it’s OK to say I love you even though we don’t really know ach other! Blessings.  MS

My friend, she loves it very much..the lessons from your life stories are just so down to earth that we felt as u shared in your book…it actually speaks into our lives.. cos’ all of us one way or another have something that we felt..like your book title……………………………….

I am already half way through your book – riveting! Needless to say I was crying by the credits at the start and have hardly stopped since. Thanks Leann for sharing your life – I have no doubt this book will touch the hearts and lives of so many many people. When’s the next one coming out??  KW
Finished your book all in one day! Brilliant. Well done. Already have used one of your teaching excerpts to help me through something that happened last night, so thanks again Leann for sharing your amazing God given insights. KW 
Your book has been the topic of our conversation each time we met… so thanks for sharing your life with us.  DB
 I just finished your book….wow, wow, wow…you have gone thru so much pain, that is why the Glory of God is so strong on You…I loved everytime at the Well, where you sang in the spirit, it set my spirit aright…..fast…anyway, just wanted to tell you how I liked the book. Good Job!!  JC
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  1. Pamela Walck says

    I love this book. Leann really shows her heart, her mind and following Jesus despite mistakes, sin, and all the emotions involved. She is a strong woman of God and I highly recommend reading it.

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