Trevecca Nazarene University

In the fall of 2013 I accepted a teaching position as an adjunct professor at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, TN. As we move into 2014 I'll continue mentoring these new worship leaders. I will be teaching vocals, worship and leadership for their National Praise and Worship Institute. Classes resume January 8th, 2014.... woohoo!!!   I am very excited and honored to have this opportunity to mentor and impact the next generation of worship leaders. I'm equally  pleased that Carl … [Read more...]

Christian Music Summit – Nashville

I am honored to be a clinician at the first Christian Music Summit in Nashville,  TN Oct 5-6 - 2012 at: Grace Chapel 3279 Southall Rd Franklin, TN 37064 I will speaking on the following topics: THE ART OF SINGING Class Description: You can communicate the true message of a song through body language, tonal variations and microphone technique. Learn how to find your voice and style as a soloist as well as discover masterful tips for a blended group sound.                           … [Read more...]

Worship Boot Camp – Aug 17-18 – 2012

  REGISTER NOW                                                      Coming this weekend!  August 17-18   Worship Boot Camp at Grace Center - Franklin, TN Join us for intensive worship training for worship leaders and their teams with Leann & Carl Albrecht and the musicians and staff at Grace Center. Friday night will be a time of worship and sharing with Leann & Carl, and Pastor Jeff Dollar. 7 - 9 pm. Saturday will be a full day of classes relating to every … [Read more...]

The Art of Singing

One of the things I enjoy  is teaching and mentoring other singers. At the upcoming Worship Boot Camp on Aug 17-18, I am excited to be teaching the The Art Of Singing ...... Come and learn how  to communicate the true message of a song through body language, tonal variations and microphone technique. Learn how to find your voice and style as a soloist as well as discover masterful tips for a blended group sound.                      Here's a clip from one of those classes on breathing. As … [Read more...]

Worship Bootcamp At Grace Center

This Worship Boot Camp will be at Grace Center - August 17-18. Carl and I have been teaching and leading at worship conferences for  more than 25 years with Integrity Music, Maranatha, Focus On The Family, and Worship International. Because of such a great need, in 2001, we started taking our own teams for these intensive team training weekends. It has been very rewarding to see these churches and team members grow.   It is an honor and privilege to be finally be hosting one of … [Read more...]

Calling All Worshippers

Leann speaking to the Johnston Evangelical Free Church worship teams in Johnston,  IA.  It was a great weekend!!       So many people who lead worship or play on worship teams, have no idea of how powerful and significant they are to the body of Christ. Carl and I delight in empowering church worship teams in their calling on every level....spiritually, mentally, and musically. Like the Army, we're calling them forth to be ALL THAT THEY CAN BE. The Lord, God Almighty … [Read more...]

Feb 17-19 Team Training Weekend at Faith EFC Church

                  Feb 17-19, Carl, David McKay and I will be training the worship teams at Faith EFC Church in Manitowoc, WI. Saturday will be a full day of intensive workshops, and rehearsal with their band. If you are in the area, please join us Sunday morning for a refreshing time in worship.  I will leading and integrating their team will be Carl on guitar and David on keys. We hope to see you there! Sunday morning … [Read more...]

How To Breathe Deeply

This 5 minute video (taken from one of our Team Training Weekends) shows you how to combine "rib breathing" and "diaphragmatic breathing" to acquire your greatest air intake capacity. [youtube]eiV0qhGw88A[/youtube]    To book your Team Training Weekend... see details   … [Read more...]

The Results of Diaphragmatic Breathing

In this short balloon demonstration video, I am showing the results of when when a singer engages both "rib breathing" AND "diaphragmatic breathing".  Deep breathing enables a singer to increase their volume of air capacity by a third. [youtube]4q5JLgBo_lw[/youtube] To see how to "deep breathe", click on to this classroom video. Watch the 5 minute video. To book your Team Training Weekend...see details. … [Read more...]

Upcoming Team Training at Johnston E-Free Church

This weekend, October 29 and 30, Carl and I will be training the worship teams at Johnston Evangelical Free Church in Johnston, IA. Although the Saturday intensive workshops are a private function for the Johnston E-Free Church worship teams, Sunday morning is open for everyone to come.  If you're in the area, I hope to see you there! Come and worship with us! Location and service times are listed below. Johnston Evangelical Free Church 9901 NW 62nd Avenue Johnston, IA 50131 Phone: … [Read more...]