Calling All Worshippers

Leann speaking to the Johnston Evangelical Free Church worship teams in Johnston,  IA.  It was a great weekend!!




So many people who lead worship or play on worship teams, have no idea of how powerful and significant they are to the body of Christ. Carl and I delight in empowering church worship teams in their calling on every level….spiritually, mentally, and musically. Like the Army, we’re calling them forth to be ALL THAT THEY CAN BE. The Lord, God Almighty is calling churches and worship teams to step out in boldness and confidence to bring the Presence of the Lord for the people.

As a worship team, if you feel stuck, stale or uninspired, it’s time for a fresh infusion of the Holy Spirit and some training. We can help you. If you are interested in having our team come for a Worship Team Training Weekend – to teach and encourage your worship team to go to the next level, please contact us. Contact info

For more information as to what the Team Training weekends are like….more info.






  1. Scott Davis says

    It was a treat to have you and Carl with us for the weekend. Your comments and spirit were a breath of fresh air. Please feel free to drop in if you are in the area. We’d love to spend some more time with you two.

    JEFC Worship Pastor

    • Thank you so much, Scott. It was a pleasure to meet your team and pastor that weekend. I hope our paths cross again sometime soon.
      Many blessings to you and send your team our love.

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