Theophostic – Basic Steps

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1) Close your eyes – be open to the pictures and memories that the Lord will bring to you.
2) Pray: “Jesus, to what memory would you like to take me today?”
3) Wait for Him to bring it to your “screen”. Go to the first visual He gives you… don’t second guess it.
4) Saturate yourself in that memory. Look around…see and feel everything that is going on around you.
5) Identify the lie that the enemy wanted you to believe at that moment. It may be more than one. It is the thing that brings you pain when remembered.
6) Pray: “Jesus, your word says that you will never leave me or forsake me. I know you were there at that critical moment. Would you reveal yourself to me right now? Show me where you were.”
7) Wait for Him to appear.
8) Pray: “Jesus, your word says that the truth will set me free. What would you like to say to me right now?”
9) Wait for him to speak truth to you. He may say one word or an entire sentence but however he speaks, it will be in a language that identifies only with you.
10) Let Him come and take you by the hand. Go with Him to the big rocking chair in the throne room.
11) Allow Him to pull you up into His lap and love on you there. Stay as long as you want and let Him minister to you.
12) Pray: “Jesus, is there anything else you would like to say to me?”
13) Wait for Him to respond.
14) When you are finished in His lap, climb down and take Him by the hand to go back to the initial critical setting.
15) As you enter and replay the lie that you once believed from the enemy, the pain of it should be gone. If there is still pain, repeat steps 1-15 again. There are times that the root of a lie has several fingers of origin. Continue pursuing each visual, one at a time, until the root is completely restored with the truth and there is no more pain concerning that particular lie.
16) If there is no pain when you reenter the initial setting, take Jesus by the hand. Then take the hand or hands of those who hurt you and place them into the Fathers hands. It’s time to let them go. You have held them in the cage of unforgiveness long enough. God loves them too. He has a destiny for them as well and by releasing them, you are also releasing your own destiny.
17) Let them go with Jesus. See them completely being cared for by Jesus….as He is also completely caring for you.


  1. Rev. Gene Black says

    I have one of your recordings where you sang Blessed Assurance. I can’t find it on your web page.

    • Hi Gene….I sang that song on a Bob Fitt’s project that we recorded in Singapore. What a great experience that was. You can find it when you google Leann Albrecht sings Blessed Assurance.
      Thanks for your note.
      Have a blessed day.

  2. Thank you for posting/sharing these life-changing steps from Theophostic ministry. Just reading through them touched my heart, and prompted me to want to examine areas of my life today, where truth was replaced with a lie. God is so good to keep drawing us to Him in every season and every circumstance of our lives! Thank you, Leann for facilitating/encouraging my journey!

  3. I asked for help from a pastor using this system nearly 15years ago . I must say I was not a believer at the time, but knew in my heart I needed change. We met and began the process and after some time moving in and out of the scenes playing within me I saw something different and very new to me as a whole. Without going into this entire frame by frame account we stuck with this visualization and all I can say is wow I’m still very emotional about this. I opened a door climbed some stairs and was on a beach where a man approaches that is unfamiliar. I didn’t recognize him by sight but my soul knew exactly who he was. As he wrapped his arms around me he never spoke a word aloud but I began sobbing wildly exclaiming it’s Jesus and everything is ok how why, I was completely transformed instantly. All I know is that day was the beginning of my walk with God, I couldn’t mentally comprehend it all right away. But I knew for the first time I wasn’t alone I was forgiven and that I was truly a believer. This was a profound spiritual awakening. It changed the entire core of my being instantly. As far as this believer is concerned it was and still is the single most real experience of my life. More real even then typing on my phone now. I was 23 and can say I truly am thankful for this experience I know the Lord revealed himself to me for a reason and I now through bible study a personal relationship with God and letting the spirit move through me and allow myself to deliver the messages and really complete any action that you know is God working through you. I am human and still fall short a lot but wanting to. Be a conduit for the Lord is what I love and as a human being I believe is our responsibility. I’ve read a lot of negative press about this method of healing, and I must say the for a believer church is not a building we all have the power to make a church anywhere we are and understanding God and his word is a personal responsibility and only achieved by talking to God and sharing everything inside you praying only for his will for you and the ability to to see the answer once he reveals it. And studying his word on a very regular basis. The truth is in the bible no matter what printing you read and how man may have changed it if you pray and meditate daily and truly try to live in a Christ like manner God will reveal the meaning of scriptures to you when it’s time if you don’t understand something don’t give up. Ask his guidance for the proper path and follow obediently. I’ve found scriptures can have multiple meanings to us depending on where we are in life and Faith at the time. It’s a wonderful journey, so make a new best friend in the Lord he has unwavering Faith in each of us he deserves the same.

    • Joshua, I’m so happy that the Lord met you and came into your life. Jesus knows the cries and groanings of our heart even better than we do. And He often responds to that very real emotional prayer. You’re right that sometimes people misunderstand this method… It’s just really putting different language to the idea to run to the Lord with everything in our prayers. *Philippians 4:6-7 -6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. — HE is our peace and guard. Bless you as you continue to grow in your walk with Jesus through prayer, the word, and fellowship. Peace, Leann

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