Worship Boot Camp – Night of Worship

This is the night of worship from the Worship Boot Camp at Grace Center. It also includes Carl Albrecht, our pastor – Jeff Dollar and Leann sharing on worship and how it impacts our lives.

The band that played and taught that weekend was:
Leann Albrecht – worship leader – teaching on vocals and the prophetic flow in worship
Carl Albrecht – drums
David McKay – keys
Mike Wessner – acoustic guitar
Trent Swartzentruber – electric guitar
Blake Stratton – bass
Britanny Nelson – back up vocals

Markus Hendrickson – sound engineering

Chris McClarney – teaching on song writing

If you would like to book a Worship Boot Camp in your area, please contact us at: Lmalbrecht@aol.com or call our office at 615-851-2850

For further information concerning a Worship Boot Camp – information


  1. This Worship floods my heart. Thanks for posting!

  2. mike Hickey says

    Carl it’s awesome that you are sharing your gift! I first seen you playing on a video with a childrens choir from Africa. It was quite awhile ago, I think it was Rejoice Africa, it was pretty cool. I enjoy your drumming and im stoked that you are able to share all your experience. Im also looking forward to reading your book on worship. I have been playing drums in churches for about 30 years, and im very grateful to be able to do it. I also play yamaha absolute maple custom drums and I agree with you that they have a great sound and feel. Im sure I will learn a lot from your book and all the experiences you have been through. Have a Blessed Christmas! Mike Hickey

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