What Christmas Means To Me

[audio:https://leannalbrecht.com/wp-content/uploads/05-What-Christmas-Means-To-Me.mp3|titles=05 What Christmas Means To Me]

This was such a fun song to write with Carl and Jeff Slaughter because I got to write about all the things that make Christmas a special time for me. It is one of the songs featured on my jazz Christmas CD called “The Greatest Gift.” I hope you enjoy it.

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Words and Music by Leann Albrecht and Carl Albrecht and Jeff Slaughter


V1. Dusting off the boxes in the attic

Sorting through the decorations full of memories

Making angel cookies from my best friends recipe

 Listening to Nat King Cole sing Christmas songs to me 


CH. This is what Christmas means to me

Feeling the joy that giving brings

Enchanting my heart with expectancy

This is what Christmas means to me


V2.  Sipping apple cider by the fire

Peeking out the window wondering if it’s gonna snow 

Nestled in my favorite chair near friends and family

Thankful for each face I see; they mean so much to me


BR.    I’m captivated by the way it started

Christmas Day two thousand years ago

 A gift of love from God to us; the greatest miracle

The one we call the Bright and Morning Star


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