The Well of Nashville – YouTube Channel

You can always tune into what’s happening at The Well of Nashville Church. Everything is archived at our YouTube channel.  Each meeting is full of the spontaneous flow of Holy Spirit. What a joy it is for Carl & me to host the presence of God!!  The Lord always astounds us as He moves in a unique way at each meeting. Join us and enter in, for your soul to be refreshed. You can see all the archives of our meetings at our YouTube channel.


  1. Stefania Narducci says

    Dear Leann and Carl,

    I love to see what God is doing though you beautiful lives at the Well. Ilways remember the time together in Italy and Nashville. You beautiful people you!


  2. Our God is greater. It’s do wonderful to be in the presence of God. hahaha…my God!
    Please, add some drums and violin to it.

  3. Eddie Hutcheson says

    What a wonderful sweet anointing you have on your worship. The power and anointing of the Holy Spirit is so evident. You have a gift of bringing people into the Presence of God and it is a gift that is so needed in our world today. Bless you in your ministry and may you reach multitudes for God.

  4. Verna lanier says

    As always Leann your voice is my favorite of all. Its more than just a voice its the heart that worships!

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