The Sacrifice You Made

Every day is a great time to celebrate Jesus resurrection, however, Easter is a special time to remember His finished work on the cross. This is a song that Carl, Ed Kerr and I wrote called “The Sacrifice You Made”. It’s a wonderful reminder of His love for us. Have a listen. [audio: youare/the-sacrifice-you-made.mp3]

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Comments about this song:

Leann, my husband and I just listened to you sing “The Sacrifice You Made”. It is so anointed ~ gave us Holy Ghost Bumps! he said tell you this, “I want to play in your band and sing back up and that he was a FAN for life.” He’s serious. He doesn’t get excited about to many artist singing and music. This one blew him away. . . . . ME TOO!  WM


  1. I forgot how much I love this song! Beautifully passionate to my ears, and spirit while looking at the beautiful red tulips! Thank you for this reminder during a time when we are reminded of the ultimate sacrifice of the Lamb of God.

    • Hi Linda. It’s funny, I NEVER listen to my CDs but as I was getting ready to post this song, I gave it a listen and was again touched but the message as well. The anointing was still there. 🙂 That made me smile.
      Thanks for your post.

  2. Leann What a beautiful song on this beautiful day! Thanks blessings to you and Carl

  3. Very beautiful song Leann! Will you guys be coming up to Kingdom Bound in Buffalo, NY this year? Actually the next big thing up here is the CMS. I would love it if you could come to that! I really enjoyed your teaching some years back at a conference in the Rochester area. It was so nice meeting you there, and talking with you alittle bit there. I know Carl comes to CMS, because I spoke with him the one year, but we really miss you! It would be great if the two of you could do a teaching for us woman worship leaders out there. We are actually a husband/wife team that lead the worship at our church. He plays guitar, and is the worship leader/associate pastor and I am the song leader. I am also an alto and that is why I love your voice so much! I can actually sing along with you!!!! 🙂 Anyway, hopefully you will be coming up to this area again soon! By the way, do you have any teachings available?? Thanks Leann for your heart of worship! I really love both you and Carl and pray the Lord continues to use the both of you for HIS honor and glory!!!

    • Hi Nancy…thanks for your kind note.
      This year I do not have plans to come to Kingdom Bound although I have been there before. It is an amazing event!
      If I received an invitation from the organizers at Kingdom Bound, I would be happy to come and teach/sing. How’s that for a simple answer? 🙂
      I hope to have teaching on Women in Worship soon. I’ll keep you posted.
      Have a blessed day.

  4. Sisse Pfieffer says

    Leann, your beautiful voice brings His peace into our home as I sit and worship with you, and I often dance around the room singing with you, too. Thank you and Carl for giving so much to the body of Christ…especially at Grace Center in Franklin. We love you both so much!
    Hoping to get to The Well again soon, too.

    • Hi Sisse,
      Your kind words bring such comfort to me. The most fulfilling compliments are those in which God is/has used me to minister to others. Thank you for sharing your heart. You bless me, sweet friend!

  5. Leann,

    What a beautiful song! I love your music and your singing. This is so appropriate for this season, Resurrection Sunday in a few weeks. Am posting it on my Fan page now. Thanks for encouraging the body of Christ. I agree with Sisse…. what a blessing you and Carl are to us!

    Love in Jesus,

    PS. I look forward to singing praise songs with you one day. I wonder if we will all sing in one language, or just understand every language? 😀

    • Hi Jean,
      I am thrilled you liked the song! Thanks for taking the time to listen to it…and posting it on your FB too. Sweet. Have a Happy Easter!

  6. David Baroni says


    You are a blessing to a lot of folks, including me and Rita!
    Thanks for loving God, loving people and sharing who you are with your (His) world!
    You and Carl are friends indeed!
    Thanks for posting the song!
    Godrest and Godspeed,
    David Baroni

    • Thanks, David. I receive your words of honor but then send them right back to you. Your passion for Jesus is contagious and every one who sits under your worship leading experiences the overflow of His presence in your life. So…I am also thanking you and Rita for being willing to lead others into the throne room.
      We love you guys!
      Blessings to you.

  7. Angeline L-Raja says

    Dear Leann,

    Such beautiful song and the beauty of the picture just lifted up my spirit and what a timing, too… to listen to it once again and be reminded og God’s greatest love for us, even as we are in the month of Lent and then Easter.. Thank you Jesus.

    God Bless,

    • Thank you, Angeline! May the Lord continue to uplift your spirits throughout your day.
      I hope you are enjoying spring in Malaysia.
      Blessings to you.

  8. Priyadharshini Rajasingham says

    Leann, this track is so beautiful. Love the violin parts.. Feeling so blessed to say that Ive met the beautiful lady who’s singing these beautiful songs:)


  9. Paul Wainamo says

    Beautiful Leanne! Such a haunting melody on the verses with the passion of the strings.

    Then with the key change into the the major from the minor on the verse….wow! It just takes you from that deep place of haunting passion into this incredible lift of spirit!

    Truly beautiful!


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