The Gideon International Conference in Dallas

Here are a couple of pics from the Gideon International Conference in Dallas. We made many wonderful new friends and had a great time in worship. It was amazing to see over 100 countries represented there…all with one purpose, to spread the Word of God through the printed Bible in 94 languages and and Bible distribution in 194 countries. Their theme – Be Ye Doers Of The Word.

I decided to see if their little pocket Bible really worked the way they use it in evangelism. It did!  I lead a Hindu man from India to the Lord on my flight home…using the small Bible they gave me. It was so easy…a divine set up. It lit my fire….now I want to take the gospel to the streets!

Thank you, Carl and David for helping me facilitate worship so beautifully!










We did a blend of old hymns and new songs….from my CDs You Are The One and Pour Your Spirit Out. It seemed to be a perfect balance so even the internationals could sing along with the hymns they were familiar with. We had a great time!

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