Team Training – Keep Sharpening Your Sword

Leann & Carl working with a team in ItalyFor years we’ve led worship and taught at large events like Seminars4Worship, Worship Leader Workshop, and the Christian Musician Summit and more. Many individual churches have asked us to come and work with their teams. Carl & I feel called to share our experience and concepts to build up God’s minstrels to achieve their full potential.


Those events events are generally structured  like this:

We usually kick off Saturday morning with worship followed by a general session. After that, we have breakout sessions until mid-afternoon with lunch scheduled in the middle.  Carl and the band take the musicians and I take the vocalists.

I teach the following topics such as:

Building a Singer’s Firm Foundation

    Spiritually –  Physically –  Mentally

Breathing Technique

    How To Use Your Diaphragm –  Practice Exercises – Breath Control

Communicating With Your Audience

 Eye Contact –  Body Language –   Enunciation –  Microphone Technique

 Style Development

    Listen and copy  –  Tone Quality – Song Interpretation –  Improvising

    Choosing Songs That Fit

Creating a Musical Flow in Worship

The Prophetic Journey in Worship

Secrets to Becoming An Effective Leader


Carl and band teach on topics such as:

Building and Rehearsing a Contemporary Worship Team

The Servant Leader

**Individual Masterclasses for each band member if the whole team is requested***

Drumming Essentials (each band member teaches on their area of expertise)

The Worship Drummer’s Master Class (each band member teaches on their area of expertise)

Mid-afternoon, everyone gathers back to the main room and we demonstrate an actual rehearsal – including sound check, rehearsing all sections of a song, the flow of songs and transitions. That’s when we like to use local team members from the hosting church to play along with us.  As well as musicians and singers, we also like to work with tech staff so that the weekend worship services are ready to go by the time we finish Saturday’s workshops at 4:30. I enjoy leading those services and the interaction with local players and singers.

To book your event contact me at or call our office at 615-851-2850


  1. James Worley says

    doing some team building in 2012. what is the cost for a one day Seminar? I Lead worship at Hilldale Baptist Church in Clarksville, TN (just 45min west of Nash) we’re super close…..or maybe ya’ll can do something in Nashville and I can bring the band there.

    • Hi James,
      Thanks for your note. Yes, it is a great time to tune up your team. We would love to come and help you in any way we can. I believe Carl sent an e-mail to you yesterday. We look forward to hearing back from you and meeting you in person.
      Many blessings to you.

  2. Daniel Ravindra says

    Dear Leann ,
    would it be possible to do a workshop in India, Bangalore. Please do let us know . It will be great to have you here, We can discuss in details if this is possible 🙂 God bless u and keep the good work going.

    • Hi Daniel,
      Carl and I and our team would love to come to lead worship and team training. I believe Carl sent you an email yesterday. We will wait to hear back from you. Just FYI….getting Visas in to India can take time…as you probably already know. I was to be there a year ago with Don Moen but was unable to enter because of not getting my Visa. I returned back home from Dubai. IMy heart was sad because I had wanted to come to India for quite some time….. maybe it will work out this time.
      May the Lord bless you!!
      P.S. Indian food is my favorite food!! The hotter the better for me…not so much for Carl. He loves the curries but likes it milder than I do. Maybe we can have some curries together when we come. 🙂

  3. Winfield Eng says

    It’s great that you have this section on your website. This outline is quite helpful. I know that this ministry will definitely help and inspire many. We are hoping that our church will be able to organize something with you guys this coming year…
    BTW – any plans to include some videos or audio samples or either of you speaking?

    • Hi Winfield…..we are looking forward to connecting with your church again in the future. We remember our time there with great joy. I remember singing Amazing Grace in Mandarin Chinese for the first time that weekend. I still have it written out in my notes.
      There are many, many videos of me speaking, teaching and leading worship on my website at Most of them are under “Music and Ministry” and ‘Team Training”. There is also one entire sermon I preached, last Mother’s Day, under “Journey To Freedom” called “Letting Go Of The Things You Can’t Control” If you just scroll down on those pages, you’ll see all the posts and pick the one that interest you. Some are blogs and some are videos. Enjoy.
      We look forward to hearing from you…..and hopefully seeing you soon.
      Many blessings to you.

  4. Hi Leann,
    I enjoy you and your husband websites. I just have a question any chance you would do a workshop in the miami area in the future? Thanks and God Bless

    • Hi John,
      At this point we do not have a conference booked in Miami however, things change daily around here. All we need is an invitation from a church and we will work it into the schedule. Is a worship conference something your church would like to sponsor? Just thinking out loud. 😉
      Many blessings to you.

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