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DSC05148 - Version 2My Testimony Of Leading A Hindu To The Lord

By Leann Albrecht

I had heard about the Gideons and have seen their Bibles in hotel rooms all my life. However, I had never actually met a Gideon before the Gideon’s International Convention in Dallas last July where I was asked to lead worship for the ladies Auxiliary group. I didn’t know much about the organization, but as the weekend went on, I was inspired by their passion for souls and the testimonies of thousands who were saved because of the Personal Workers Testament ( the small pocket size – New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs)

My husband, Carl, and I have been ministering around the world, leading worship, speaking and teaching the Word for more than 25 years.  However, the thought of evangelizing the Gospel to a total stranger on the street seemed daunting even though I had always wanted to do it. That weekend with each testimony, my interest peaked to learn  the “how”.

Saturday night after the conference, Lynn and Dave Peterson took us to dinner.  They kept to their regular witnessing routine by laying a Testament on the dinner table to refer to later on with the waiter.

That sparked lots of questions as to “how” they witness to total strangers. They told me everything I wanted to know, including a “mock dialogue” which made it so simple! By the time we finished dinner, I couldn’t wait to give it a try!! I thought, “I can do this! It’s not scary at all!” At the end of the evening, Lynn and Dave gave Carl and me a copy of the Testament to look through.  I was so pumped!

On Sunday morning, we boarded the plane to go home. Carl, who is a “million-miler”, had gotten upgraded. He said, “Leann, why don’t you sit in my seat in front and I’ll take your seat in back. Without hesitation, I smiled and I took him up on the deal.

As I slid into my seat, I was not really aware of who was around me, let alone, who was sitting next to me. Actually, I was really tired and didn’t want to be bothered.  LOL! BUT after a while into the flight the Lord began to speak to me. He wanted me to check out the person next to me.

Glancing out of the corner of my eye, I could tell he was a man with dark skin…probably Indian. Shortly, I waded into a conversation with a comment about the food.  One thing led to another and before I knew it, we had talked nonstop for 30 minutes!

At that point, the small Gideon Testament in my purse began to haunt me. I knew it was time to bring up the Gospel but I wasn’t sure how. So I thought, “I’m just going to go for the jugular.”

As courage came, I leaned over and said, “I have a question for you.” Waiting for his attention, I continued, “Do you know Jesus?”  He emphatically replied, “Sure, I know Jesus! I’m Hindu but I go to church on Easter with my Catholic friends because I like their ceremonies.”

At first, I hesitated; not knowing how to maneuver the complicated theology of Hinduism but quickly threw caution to the wind and decided to depend on the Holy Spirit to guide our conversation.

By his comment, I could tell that he didn’t really KNOW Jesus, so I said, “Well….. I have a gift for you.” He was taken back and quite elated. I reached down into my purse and pulled out my light blue copy.  I said, “This is a Bible. Do you have one of these?” He responded, “No”, as he took it from my hand.

I said, “In the front of this book, there is a “helps section. Let’s take a look at it.”  He opened it up and as he did, I explained, “Just thumb through there and see if there is anything that might interest you.”  As he did, his finger stopped on the word “forgiveness”.  “Here, lets look up this one,” he said.  I thought to myself, “REALLY? This is too easy! God this is a total set up!”

I showed him how to find the reference and page. As soon as he found it, he read it. When he finished I John 1:9 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness, he abruptly stopped and said, “Now …..WHO are we talking about here? WHO’S going to forgive my sins?” I replied, “Jesus.” And continued by explaining, “God sent Jesus, His only Son, to die on the cross for your sins. If you confess your sins and believe on Jesus Christ, He will be faithful to forgive you of ALL your sins.”

He looked back at my face with astonishment and said, “Really!?”  I quickly added, “Yes, and if you’ll turn to the last page of this book (he flipped to the back) and read this paragraph (which I pointed out), it will make all the difference as to where you spend eternity.”  Again, he was very puzzled and replied, “No kidding?” At that point, I prompted him to go ahead and read the paragraph out loud, which he did.

My Decision to Receive Christ as My Savior

Confessing to God that I am a sinner, and believing that the Lord Jesus Christ died for my sins on the cross and was raised for my justification. I do now receive and confess Him as my personal Savior.

As soon as he finished reading the sinner’s prayer, he drew his head back; his face became very serious and thoughtful. There was a long pause then he closed his eyes and said, “Wow, I really needed that!” To which I responded, “Yes you did! You are now born again. Welcome to your new life in Jesus Christ!

We were getting ready to land. My heart was soaring because this man’s eternal destiny was changed by one simple encounter with a worship leader who had just been impacted by the passion for souls at a Gideon Conference.

I want to THANK YOU, Gideons, for all that you do to spread the Good News to the world!  You have forever changed my approach to soul winning. I no longer fear it! Now I look for opportunities to share everywhere I go. I have found that people really DO want to know Jesus. It’s like Lynn and David said, “If you’ll just show up, the Lord will bring people to cross your path who are looking for Him!

Hallelujah! IT’S SO SIMPLE!!


I had another wonderful time leading worship at the GideonTennessee State Convention in Kingsport last weekend. If you would like to know more about the Gideons, check out their website.

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  1. Ken Yarmosh says

    Hi Leann,

    Thank you for sharing this story. It is always encouraging to hear about others who are obedient to the command of our Lord and Savior to go into all the world preaching His gospel, making disciples in accordance with the teachings of His Word.

    Most Christians don’t share the gospel for a variety of reasons. Some are fearful of rejection. Some don’t believe they know enough. Others think they will be physically harmed or intimidated. Having spoken to hundreds, if not thousands over 30 years, I realized that after about the first 20 or so individuals, you hear almost the same questions over and over again.

    The reality is there is a deep yearning among many to understand the meaning of life. People do want to hear truth and we possess the eternal Truth in Christ Jesus. We are walking tabernacles of God, carrying His Mercy Seat, the very Presence of the Most High. If God is with us (and He is!), no one can be against us. The Greek word for “witness” is μάρτυς (transliterated: martys) and is where we get the English word “martyr.” The reality is the genuine disciple has been bought and paid for by the atoning blood of the Lamb of God. We therefore are no longer our own. We are crucified with Christ daily, being planted together in the likeness of His death.

    A couple of years ago the Lord put it on my heart to have a 6′ cross built. I found a brother in Christ who helped design it with the names of the Lord God on one side and John 14:6 on the other. I had him build 2 wooden tablets with the Ten Commandments. I grew out my beard (I am a global network IT strategist but work out of my home on large projects) and carry a staff. Peculiar? You bet! But I will do anything to draw attention to the gospel of Christ. There is no need to yell and scream as street preachers of the past would do. I just need to find a crowd and stand there silently and pray. Folks will come as the Holy Spirit draws them and we engage in conversation. I’ve had Muslims, atheists, homosexuals, and people who think they’re Christian (the scariest type of all!) but have no knowledge of the Biblical Christ or the obedience He commands of His children.

    Whether the Democratic National Convention or a Tea Party rally, I look for venues to share the Word of God to a lost and dying world. May the Lord bless and keep you for His glory in Christ Jesus!

    In Christ for His glory,
    Ken from Charlotte, NC (former NY’er)

  2. JAMES PETER says

    Sharing the gospel is easy in America. In India, its getting harder day after day. Please pray for missionaries
    in North India. Every second there is threat for their lives.

  3. Sherri Cullison says

    Wow! What a testimony! It’s so awesome how God smooths the road so that we can lead others on that road into a land of promise where God waits at the end. Your story is very encouraging and empowers even little ole me to have the belief and courage that I need to lead someone on the road to a heavenly home in our Father’s arms. God bless you and your ministry. You’re simply a delight to others. 🙂

  4. jackson varghese says

    hai leann i am from india really happy to know that u could share gospel to one among us,we expected you for the don moen tour to india it was nice to see your husband carl performing with don moen god bless ur family. regards from india

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