Pan Seared Cabbage

This time of year, it’s always a challenge to stay focused on quality nutrition. There’s always extra baking, dinners out, birthday parties, and getting together, celebrating with family and friends. And it’s the time of year when everyone’s wants to make their favorite holiday dish…which usually means lots of butter and sauces. Although the first few bites are delicious, before you know it, you’re packing in the calories….and your jeans start feeling snug. Anybody relate?  


That’s why I try to fix quick and healthy vegetable dishes when I’m at home. This recipe is light yet tasty and can be served as a side or as a main dish with rice.

Pan Seared Cabbage    –   By Leann Albrecht

In large frying pan add:

3 TBSP olive oil

1 large onion – chopped

1 head of garlic – chopped

Sauté until transparent – about 5 minutes then add:

1 medium green cabbage  – cut in half and then cut thin slices (about 1/4 inch thick) – cutting away from the core 

1 red bell pepper – remove the stem and seeds then cut unto thin slices – lengthwise

2 TBSP caraway seeds

Salt to taste  






1 TSP red pepper flakes (optional)




Turn cabbage occasionally to keep it from burning on the bottom. Cook on medium heat until cabbage is tender – about 20 minutes





  1. Janis Hagerdon says

    Leann, this looks amazing! I LOVE veggies, garlic, onion – the “perfect” combination! Thanks for sharing….

    • Hi Janis……I love to share the things that I am passionate about….food is one of them! 🙂
      Many blessing to you.

  2. Karen Briscoe says

    Yum,Yum………Tried this for a great one skillet supper and loved it…..I did add 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar as I grew up with cabbage cooked with a little vinegar and added a grilled italian sausage to complete the meal. Thank you Leann for another wonderful recipe!!

    • Hi Karen,
      So glad it worked out well for you! You made my mouth squirt when you mentioned the grilled Italian sausage. YUM! What a great idea!
      Thanks for taking the time to post.
      Many blessings to you.

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