Mighty and Glorious – The 2019 CD/EP Studio Recording

DSC04391Mighty and Glorious is the Title Song for the 2019 CD/EP.  *This worship song is about the beauty and splendor of God. I was honored to collaborate with Carl Albrecht and David McKay in writing this powerful anthem.

Paul Wilbur recorded it on his project “Your Great Name.” – You can hear his version here –– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wmCh3quWmw


MIGHTY AND GLORIOUS – Worship Anthems for the Church – Volume I  is available at the web store and ALL digital outlets!!!

I am so excited to be releasing these worship songs that the Lord has been downloading to my heart. They are simple, to the point, and full of the Word. You will want to sing them as well as your family, friends and congregation. They are LIFE with every word. *FREE lead sheets are available at our web store.

[audio:https://leannalbrecht.com/wp-content/uploads/Mighty_and_Glorious_Mix1-1-copy.mp3|titles=Mighty and Glorious]



Revelation 1

W/M Leann and Carl Albrecht High Hill Songs ASCAP

 and David Mckay

CCLI #6474096

Verse 1

Trembling in awe at the sound of His voice

The roar of a thousand waterfalls

Hair white as snow and His eyes full of fire

His face a brilliant sun

Royal and dressed in the finest of robes

Wrapped in a sash of purest gold


Thousands are singing a song to the Lamb

Exploding in praise to the matchless I Am



Mighty and glorious

You are victorious

O God, the Sovereign and Strong!

Exalted and powerful

Fearful and wonderful

O God, the Infinite One

We cry holy

Holy is the Lamb


Verse 2

There on the throne is the Son of Man

Reigning with mercy and righteousness

High Priest of God and the King of all Kings

Crowned with many crowns

Saints gather round on a sea of glass

Worship the One who’s the First and Last


Thousands are singing a song to the Lamb

Exploding in praise to the matchless I Am



Holy, holy

Singing holy, holy

Singing holy

Holy is the Lamb





  1. Bonnie Gloth says

    Just listened to your new song. It is the best worship song I’ve heard in years! So anointed to
    sing along and worship the King. Can’t wait until your new CD is released! Make sure it is in
    the Grace Center bookstore, or let me know directly.
    Blessings to you and Carl,

    • Hi Bonnie,
      I’m so glad you liked the song. I’ll keep you posted on the release of the new CD.
      Many blessings to you.
      Thanks for your post.

  2. Doc Kavanagh says

    Leann , that’s a great song . I like everything about it , lyrics , vocals , arrangement , 6/8 feel , tags at the end , band really cookin ‘ . Great song , can’t wait to hear the whole album . Blessings , Doc

  3. Paul Waiamo says

    Beautiful Leanne! I’d love to have a chart to teach my band and worship team and use.

    Is it available on CCLI Song Select?


    • Hey Paul, so blessed that you love the song… we do have lyrics & chords/ the CCLI number is on there.You are welcome to use it and arrange according to what works best for you. Blessings, Leann/Users/user/Desktop/Mighty and Glorious copy.docx

  4. Leann,
    This is an amazing and powerful worship song. This song so defines the splendor and Glory of our Lord and Savior. I’m so excited, and can’t wait for the release of this latest CD. I enjoy all of your cd’s and expect this one to be the best yet. Being a drummer on my worship team, I’m very inspired and motivated to improve by Carl’s playing.
    God bless you both!

  5. Karen Briscoe says

    Wow Leann, I believe you introduced this song at Grace Center’s Ladies Meeting. When I heard the first stanza bells went off. A real fresh breath of air at the end of my day, I think I will worship with you in the comfort of my kitchen quite often and dream of that yummy looking coconut cream pie!! Will be purchasing one of those CDs. Congratulations on Scaritt………….my daughter’s wedding was there and I love that place. Looking forward to coming sometime. Hugs to you, Karen

  6. Nathan Burbank says

    Very nice.

  7. Sheri Dohner says

    As always, beautiful song! Love the 6/8 feel! Two of my favs from you are Great Defender, and Boundless Love, this one is right up there with those two! Will so look forward to having a chart for it, will you post one soon? Your music is always a blessing to our church Leann. Thanks for what you offer.
    Sheri Dohner

    • Thanks, Sheri….for your kind words of encouragement! I sent the chart to you. Let me know if you need anything else.
      P.S. If anyone else needs the chart just email me at lmalbrecht@aol.com and I will be happy to send it to you. It will be posted later on my website.

  8. Leann & Carl:

    Awesome worship song. I like everything about it. The whole “atmosphere” created by this song is truly annointed. It “draws me in” and “takes me” to that place of experiencing the Lord as He actually IS today (as described in Revelations 1). Your song helps me to see with my mind’s eye what my natural eye can not, the Beauty of our Resurrected Saviour as He REIGNS as Lord of Lord’s in heaven today (and soon on the Earth as well!!!). Truly, such a view of our soon coming KING and His ultimate reality can not help but inspire worship!! What a blessing to the body of Christ to have such a resource …

    Thanks so much for your faithful service, and for being available to follow the Lord as He leads. Both you and Carl are inspirations to me …

    By the way, I’d love to have the chart for our worship team (and for my personal worship times).

    God Bless

    Jeff Edman

  9. WoW! Leann & Carl! Glory to God for your awe-inspiring music ministry!
    Paul O

  10. Hey Leann! Just wanted to drop a quick note to say hello, and I am so excited to try your marinade this week! Tomorrow I go shopping and get all the ingredients. I try to keep up with you and Carl and your schedules, and I was SUPER excited to see that you are coming to Kingdom Bound! Actually, every year I volunteer, and I was not going to volunteer for the first time this year, except then I saw you were coming and I am looking forward to seeing you and hearing whats on your heart! I will be working with Pastor Sam Ciffa in the seminar tents, so I will figure out where you are and come see you!! I love you and Carls hearts of worship to Jesus, and I look forward to hearing your new CD soon. God Bless you and Carl and your minisrty. I thank God for servants hearts such as yours for the kingdom!!!

  11. mike walker says

    Love the new song!!! I am forwarding the link to my worship leader. It’s right in her range. Hope we can get the music soon. And of course I love the drum parts ’cause that’s what I do!!:)


  12. Leann,

    Since around 1997 when I saw your song with Don Moen and Paul Wilbur, I have always been blessed each time I hear your songs. This masterpiece (Mighty and Glorious) has taken the excitement to a new level. May God bless you and all the people that made this song with you.


    • Thanks, Ifeatu,
      We hope to release it soon on my new CD …that being the title cut. Stay tuned!
      Many blessings to you!

  13. l thank you for all the inspirational songs, especially your women of faith video clip, your video outing in sing out etc. pls i need more of your songs and videos its important

  14. we are always inspired each time we watch your video clips: in Don moen shout to the Lord, sing out, come and make my heart your home etc. could please get us your current pictures. l would like to visit the well of nashville to you people live. l reside in nigeria

  15. blessed voice and holy spirit walk with you keep on i appreciate you so much

  16. I love your music and your passion for worship to our Lord, Jesus! Thank you, Leann, for sharing your awesome gift of music and worship with all of us!

    I have been singing this song when I lead worship at our church and the congregation loves it. Thanks for writing such a powerful and anointed song!

    God bless you!!

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