Lingering In Times of Worship

This was yet another amazing night of worship at Grace Center, calling out for His glory and presence to fall on us. It did! At one point, the Lord directed us, musically and in prayer, to intercede for the Middle East. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced….almost as though we were transported to sing songs of deliverance and salvation over them. Wow! I am still undone when I think of what a privilege it is to partner and cooperate with the Spirit of God. He takes us on journeys that go way beyond our comprehension!
Band: Carl Albrecht-drums, David McKay-keys, Mark Baldwin-guitar, Gary Lunn-bass and Mary Kathryn and Carl on vocals with me.

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  1. God indeed inhabits the praises of His people..Amen.May He keep using Grace Center to encourage and reach many souls for Christ.

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