I’ll Stay

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This song never grows old to me because it is the constant cry of my heart…to continually stay in His presence.

I’ll Stay is from my Live worship CD – Pour Your Spirit Out – Duet sung by Ed Kerr – recorded at Belmont Church – Nashville, TN  Go to store now


(I took this picture at sunrise on one of our camping trips)  

Jeremiah 29:13  You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.


W/M by Leann and Carl Albrecht  © High Hill Songs/ASCAP 2003 – CCLI 4498005

Verse 1

This is my prayer, Lord help me find You

I’ve been looking for You, listening for You

I’ve been waiting for You, longing for You

Lord help me find You

Beyond today, beyond tomorrow

It’s You I want to know, You and You alone

There’s no other one like You, no other one will do

Lord help me find You


So I can stay, where I can gaze

Upon the beauty of Your presence

The beauty of Your holiness

I’ll stay here amazed

At the wonder of Your glory

The splendor of Your majesty

I’ll stay here amazed

Fixed within the sweetness of Your gaze

 Verse 2

Here in this place, Your breath upon me

I tremble at Your touch, Lord, I’ve needed You so much

Take me to the deeper place, where I always see Your face

There I will find You

Beyond today, beyond tomorrow

It’s You I want to know, You and You alone

I will build a space for You, a dwelling place for You

There I will find You

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  1. lydia Hendrickson says

    I love you 🙂

  2. Hi Leann,
    Thanks for sharing the song. Yes, indeed you have reminded me that however busy we are each day, we need to take time out to seek after Him.. Also that is my favorite verse. Appreciate it very much. Have a great day!

  3. I miss our Belmont days. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi James….yes those were some good times at Belmont, weren’t they! A lot of learning took place in those years. BUT we are living in even greater times now. Come and join us at The Well sometime. It would be great to see you again.
      Many blessings to you.

  4. Rich & Kim Sterling says

    Thank you for putting us on your email list. It is alway great to see how God is using you both.
    (one on one , as you did for Kim and I , 26 years ago and now around the world ).
    Also Thanks for this song ( I’ll Stay ). I will save it to my favorites and play it every day, along with ( You are the One)
    Thanks Leann .
    Rich Sterling

  5. Alex Delgado says

    Dear Leann and Carl. I just heard this song for the first time and was immediately catapulted to the feet of the One Who holds our hearts and passions so tenderly in the palms of His safe and secure hands. The melody is engaging and haunting, captivating and carrying the soul, as if swept up in a current, yet comfortably to a release of gratitude in worship. The words are true and faithful to the expression of those who have come to know His voice in the quiet as well as the clamor of daily life, whose confidence remains in Him despite circumstance or haze. The rhythm inspires movement: movement of the mind, movement of the will, movement of the core of our being to surrender to His lovingkindness and find we have been once again enveloped in His embrace of peace and power. This will become my song for 2012. Thank you for such an amazing gift. It has been a very very long time since I have heard Christian music that carries His Spirit so genuinely, cleanly and without human interference. It was like a breeze caressing my face. Thank you for such an offering to all God’s people!

    • Wow…Alex….I am undone by your thoughtful comments. I too am am contending for that consistent quiet place in a world of chaos….and place to be still, see him, feel him and experience His amazing love and power. In these days, it’s imperative for us as believers!
      Again, thank you for your encouraging post.
      Hope to see you at The Well soon.
      Blessings to you.

  6. Michele Trotman says

    I have enjoyed this cd for years. A refreshing of the spirit occurs everytime I listen. What an awesome reminder of the living breathing God we serve. Thanks guys for allowing Him to anoint the gifts He gave you to bless others with.
    In Christ,

    • Thank you, Michele. I’m glad you have enjoyed the Pour Your Spirit Out – LIVE – CD. We are currently working on a new one and will keep you posted. We’re writing in a new kind of worship music and thought. I am so excited!!
      Many blessings to you. Thanks for your post.

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