Having Fun In The Studio

For years, I have enjoyed doing recording sessions for my personal projects as well as leads and back-up vocals for other artists.

Actually, I find great pleasure in sculpting a tune  and/or adding harmonies.

Because Carl and I have been on the road so much in recent years, I haven’t had time to do as much session work in the studio. However, it seems God is providing opportunity to pursue this passion again.

While Carl engineers, I enjoy taking my time to match the style of an artist with harmonies or creating the right mood for the lyric of a song as a lead vocalist.

Here are some comments from my most recent projects.

Wow girl!!  That was amazing!  It is so nice to hear you sing a new song.  Your voice sounds stronger than ever!  Way to go girl.  I love hearing how you sang the words “heart” and “part”… Just a place you go with your voice that is so powerful and beautiful… Sang from the gut no doubt.. Learned that from all your vocal classes way back when. Great job.  CTK

Amazing. I’m crying. So happy with what you’ve done.   EK

I absolutely LOVE the performance…  absolutely beautiful… thanks for the harmonies on the bridge, too – awesome!    MK

Thanks so much Leann! Vocals for Masterpiece sound super!   MK

If you would like to schedule a recording session with me, please e-mail me at: lmalbrecht@aol.com or call my office at 615-851-2850






  1. Matt Kees says

    what a joy to be able to work with you on these projects!
    love you both!

  2. Rob Still says

    Hey Leann – girl you are awesome! One of the best vocalists and worship leaders in the whole wide world ! Great to see these website updates.

    Do you have a landing page with a freemium to build a mailing list? I recommend it …

    • Hi Rob…great to hear from you, my friend! Thanks for the vote. 🙂
      I’m not sure if I know what you mean about a landing page. Can you explain? I might be interested.
      Many blessings to you!

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