Grace Center – Worship and Prayer

** For some reason, the start point is not lined up or coded properly. Simply move the cursor 6 minutes into the video and it will start playing **

This was a great evening of worship and prayer at Grace Center.  I was so excited to be able to introduce two of our new songs, Mighty and Glorious and Come Forth.

Leann Albrecht – worship leader:

Carl Albrecht – drums

Mark Baldwin – electric guitar

Michael Demus – acoustic guitar

Gary Lunn – bass

David McKay – keys

Brittany  Nelson and Carl – back-up vocals



  1. What are the differences between Grace Center and The Well? Are they two different places? Do they serve different needs?

  2. Love the worship.Am always looking forward to your posts of the live worship videos.I do catch up with the rest of the team an upstream..Its a blessing…the vocals,the instrumentalists are just wow!!Glory to God

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