The Christmas Song

Leann at Mom and Dad Linneman's

[audio:|titles= The Christmas Song (Chestnuts)]

The Christmas Song

This is my favorite Christmas song of all times so I recorded it on my jazz Christmas CD called THE GREATEST GIFT.

In this picture, Carl and I had just finished building a snow bear during a heavy snow. Pete, the cat, loved running through the snow too, making it fly up as he pounced into a drift. It was a glorious day!

THE GREATEST GIFT CD is now on sale.


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  1. Steve Tiemann says

    This is awesome Leann – been listing to this for a while, super smooth job with your vocal and great band to boot!

  2. Rich & Kim Sterling says

    We received your CD last Thursday , played it 6 to 8 times , Love It.
    This CD will brighten anyones Christmas season.

  3. Leann,
    I met you and Carl at an Integrity conference years back. Just wanted to say I appreciate you and Carl!

  4. Hi, Leann! You sound fabulous. My best to you.


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