By Leann Albrecht

It’s a great time of year for fresh tomatoes!  In fact, my garden is overflowing them.

Bruschetta is a quick and easy way to enjoy the taste of summer.  This recipe can be a stand alone light vegetarian meal, an appetizer or a wonderful side to a larger meal.

On our many trips to Italy, we fell in love with the burst of flavor with each bite of bruschetta (pronounced – bru-sket-ta). Italians typically served it as the first course but we enjoy it as any course. The flavor of fresh sliced tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic, onion and olive oil on Italian bread….yum! It doesn’t get any better than that. Mama mia!

3 medium tomatoes – chopped

8 fresh basil leaves – chopped

1/2 red onion – finely chopped

2 fresh garlic cloves – finely chopped


¼ cup olive oil

1 loaf ciabatta or baguette

Cut 1 loaf ciabatta or baguette in diagonal 1/2″ thick slices. Rub the top side with a raw garlic clove then brush generously with olive oil – toast or grill until lightly brown.

Combine chopped tomatoes, basil, onion, garlic, salt to taste and  a light drizzle of olive oil then toss. Place a generous spoonful on top of each toasted slice of bread.

Plate and serve immediately.


  1. Thanks Leann. This was delicious! We have a lot of homegrown tomatoes too.
    Blessings, Jean

    • You are so welcome, Jean! So happy you enjoyed it. I LOOOVVVVEEEE “simple” recipes and this is certainly one of them. 🙂
      Blessings to you.

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