Breakthrough From Depression

Carl's 55th birthday dinner

Carl’s 55th birthday dinner


By Leann Albrecht

Many times, when we can share our weaknesses, struggles and breakthroughs, our testimony carries that same power to bring breakthrough for others.

We don’t always know what goes on behind the scenes in the lives of successful leaders. However, I want to encourage you that the same struggles that are “common to all”, are truly “common to all.”  The one truth that keeps me anchored in our ever-changing lives is that God helps everyone who calls out to Him.  Recently, I experienced a significant breakthrough. The Lord truly rescued me in my time of trouble while navigating my journey through life, marriage and ministry.

As many of you know, my husband, Carl, suffered a second heart attack in January 2014. It was a huge blow and shock to us!! Carl had been diagnosed with sleep apnea several months prior, which may have directly contributed to his heart condition. However, in that season, I often wondered, “where has my Carl gone”. Even when he was here, he wasn’t really here. I knew he still loved me but there was little energy or emotion to demonstrate it. It wasn’t until he started using a CPAP machine, to assist his breathing at night, that he FINALLY got some much needed rest and started coming out of the “fog.” I felt a spark of hope rising.

However, when Carl had the heart attack, my “bank account of hope” went bankrupt   and I sank deeper into despair. I thought I would implode from the stress. I tried to trust God and speak to the storm of my soul, “Peace be still,” but the tempest raged on.  

Compounded with the stress of Carl’s heart condition, our marriage was suffering for lack of attention. Nothing was deliberate and we still loved each other but definite “neglect” had set in. I kept trying to bolster my emotions with, “things will get better…just hang in there…don’t give up.” 

When Carl returned home from the hospital, the seriousness of this event forced us to realize some things. We needed to make some changes in our lifestyle and commitments. We had subtly become great “working partners” in the “ministry world”, as pastors of The Well of Nashville, teaching as adjunct professors for the National Praise and Worship Institute at Trevecca University, and weekend travels for conferences, etc. In doing all these wonderful things, we had unintentionally neglected the tenderness and intimacy of a vibrant marriage relationship.

So we sat down with our calendars to move toward a happier marriage by “scheduling” time together. What a concept! That’s when we discovered that we only had ONE day off together, the entire month of February! I started to cry and the meltdown began. There seemed to be no way to put traction to our intentions. It was clear, there had been no time or space to do it!  Like a wet cold blanket, hopelessness and loneliness swept over my body, mind, and emotions. I felt gray and numb from the inside out.

Facing the mountain of despair, the fragility of life was ever before me concerning Carl’s health. My spiritual “faith side” said, “Carl is going to be fine. It’s not his time to go because the Lord has so much more for him to do here on the earth. God’s got him covered.” However, every time I dropped him off at the airport, I felt tramatized again. Fear and worry gripped me with thoughts like, “This may be the last time you ever see him” or “You need to detach from him because you’re going to be a widow soon.”

I could feel strength and life ebbing away. It felt like the oxygen had been sucked out of my world. I was tired and depressed. I did all the natural things to help my body regain strength….eating right, trying to sleep, only to be awakened with a restless gnawing in my gut. I even started loosing weight, thinking maybe I was just too fat!  LOL! Even my most pleasurable exercise of walking the dogs, had become physically exhausting. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me.

Sunday morning, February 23, I woke up and the Lord reminded me that there was going to be a prophet, as a guest speaker, in one of our local churches.  I told the Lord, I was NOT about to get out of bed, shower AND put on makeup, if there wasn’t a breakthrough in store for me, if I went. He gently encouraged me to go so I reluctantly pulled myself from the pillow.

The entire service was good but I was only there for ONE thing…and that was to get MY breakthrough!  I was desperate! There was a dark shadow that loomed large over every part of my world. I needed to know WHAT it was and to be released from the oppression of it. It was literally sucking the life out of me.

At the end of the service, we were invited to come forward for prayer. I immediately got in line. As I walked up to the guest speaker, he laid hands on me. Without any exchange of words he said, “The Lord is delivering you from the spirit of depression.”  Instantly that bore witness with me. Only the Lord could have revealed that to him…. and that was good enough for me! I chose to believe it.

Oddly enough, I didn’t feel the earth move or the sudden release that I had hoped for. However, I knew what had been spoken and I was going to hang on to that declaration until I got results!

As I drove home, I began to wail. I couldn’t even articulate what was going on inside, except that I could feel the pain of my frustration, loneliness and disappointment spill out in all it’s ugly form. It was not a pretty sight! I cried until I had no more tears.

As the afternoon wore on, I wanted to take the dogs for one lap in the upper field. Even though I was still weak and tired, I needed to feel the sun on my face. At the top of the hill, the Lord spoke to me. He said, “Now, I want YOU to take authority over the spirit of depression and “all its companions”, and command them to leave you.”  All of a sudden it was clear to me! The prophet had identified WHAT had been oppressing me, now it was time for me to use my authority, in Jesus name, to command them to go. So I did…. and they left!!!

I continued to walk. Something physical began to happen! Strength was rising as I felt my pace increase.  I could literally feel the breakthrough coming into my body!  Suddenly, I had so much energy as the crushing weight of hopelessness and despair vanished. I even went back to the house to put on my running shoes and finished 6 more laps at full throttle! Astounding!!  With each pounding step, I could breathe deeper. Once again, there was oxygen in my world. Even though the sun had been shining all day, at that point, God’s love and power broke through to my clouded heart.  For the first time, I felt hopeful since the “meltdown” had ushered in the “spirit of depression” weeks before. I was free!!

Our 30th wedding anniversary is in June. We’ve worked through many difficulties in the past and we are determined to set new markers that exemplify the faithfulness and breakthrough power of the living God. As ministry increases, this reality is ever before me; to be more deliberate and intentional about pursuing our love and marriage friendship. It must become our first order of “ministry”. It’s not always easy, but our united efforts pay dividends that hold priceless eternal reward. With the help of the Lord, Carl and I are moving in the right direction. And let me just say this, our March calendar looks a whole lot different from our February calendar!  Hallelujah! Now that I see it without the cloud of depression, I have hope, hope, and more hope. My hope rests and is seated IN THE LORD. It is settled. God is intervening on our behalf. The tempest has passed.

This story is not just about us. We are simply two people out of a zillion others who need some kind of “breakthrough” in their lives. God has your “breakthrough” waiting for you. Go after it. Don’t stop until you get it. Your “revelation moment” might be from a word in Scripture, or from a friend or a stranger…. but at some point, you will have your “AH HA” moment when you see clearly what has been keeping you from your breakthrough. Once you see the enemy’s strategy, he is exposed. By faith, take your authority and use it to annihilate his stronghold against you. He CANNOT resist the power of Jesus name. He will flee and you will be free to walk into your complete breakthrough.

In closing, one of my favorite leaders of all time was Winston Churchill whose quote carried such fortitude and expectation of victory, “NEVER GIVE UP!” May the Lord bless you with renewed strength and hope for ALL your breakthroughs!!










  1. Robin Robbins says

    Thank you for your total honesty and for sharing your story. I too, have been struggling with “something” that I can’t quite put my finger on but I’ve been thinking it was medical due to my lack of energy and total exhaustion. My husband also was just diagnosed with sleep apnea and he too struggles with exhaustion from working hard and not sleeping well. His father has suffered from several heart attacks and there is heart disease on his side of the family in most of the men. My husband is not with me in my spiritual walk and yet, I love him so much! We will have been married 26 years in June and have 4 children and 2 grandchildren, with one on the way. Anyway, I felt a lot of similarities in your story Leann and I believe that there is a spirit of depression or discouragement or even hopelessness on me right now and you’ve encouraged me through your story to seek deliverance and not give up until I find it! I know that I am His righteousness and His daughter and I know He has a wonderful plan for my life, I just want it to be with my husband, working together as a team for Christ – I think that I have given up hope in that. Thank you and God Bless you and Carl! Love & peace, Robin Robbins
    *I saw you at the Schroon Lake WOL women’s retreat a few years ago and I’ve loved your music ever since.

    • Hi Robin.
      So nice to hear from you. I am glad that you were encouraged with my blog. Reality and life hits all of us and Jesus is the only one who can deliver us for all depression, pain, sickness and disease. I just want to encourage you, not to allow your heart to be disappointed with the Lord because of “waiting” for answers. He WILL answer ALL of your prayers. You can count of that! His answers my be different that what you expected but they will be exactly right for you AND in His perfect time. Keep loving you man, kids and grandkids….and loving yourself. God does have a wonderful plan for you. Find you strength and joy in Jesus.
      As far as the “something” that you are feeling….. go after it in the Spirit first. Use your authority as a daughter of the King….bind every demonic entity that the Lord shows you and command it to leave, in Jesus name. And it will!!
      You may also want to have a physical check up….that’s always a good thing to do. 🙂
      BE good to yourself, take care of yourself, be patient with yourself and give yourself permission to rest. Rest in His unfailing love for you…casting ALL your burdens and cares upon HIM….for He loves you so much.
      Many blessings to you.

  2. Andrew bocz says

    Thank you as i have been dealing with that sometime. It give me hope. Waiting on breakthrugh

    • Hi Andrew, Just don’t give up…..keep pressing into the Lord for your freedom and breakthrough! If He did it for me, He’ll do it for you!! He loves you so much.
      Blessings to you.

  3. Thank you Leann for your honesty in sharing your testimony. You and Carl are much appreciated. Spirit of Breakthrough invade us now!!

    • Thank you for your note, Andy. Yes….breakthrough for ALL of us!! Amen and hallelujah!

      Blessings to you.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this!! I praise God for helping you through this!! I needed this so much. You have blessed me with great hope and wisdom. I have been battling debilitating depression, and I have felt hopeless and helpless. Thank you for giving me hope!! God bless you and Carl immensely!!!

    • Thank you for for taking the time to write, Lori. I’m glad my blog encouraged you! Don’t give up….press into the Lord for YOUR breakthrough. If He did it for me, He will do it for you!!
      Many blessings to you.

  5. Dexter Quito says

    God bless you and thank you madam. What a wonderful testimony and blessing just reading it. I’m praying for you and Carl.


  6. Mike Byrum says

    Thank you! May you be devinely blessed for sharing. God only knows hoe\w many people whom are going through something that is close to this, are in tears right now as I write, but won’t respond here. Afraid someone they may know will see this and find out that their life is not as perfect as they’ve been lead to believe. Again……….I thank you!

    • Hi Mike,
      Thanks for your words of encouragement. I am so happy that you were blessed by this post. God is so powerful and loves us so much.
      I bless you with strength to contend for all the breakthroughs that you need.

  7. Prince ken says

    leann, God bless and empower you to go through these trying period. carl, by God special grace will be fine and together we wll continue to draw from your rich velvet voice and the drumming wizardry of carl until you come to nigeria to perform. Prince ken, nigeria

  8. Dear Leann and Carl,

    We are a young family in the UK (married 4 years) and have been so blessed by the ministry of your family over decades. We have seen and appreciated the fruits borne by your labours, and forbearance in the body of Christ. I know that Jesus wants to complete and perfect His work in you both and I know that His grace is sufficient for you both to overcome in all areas where the enemy has tried to access you. We will pray for Carl’s healing, the strengthening of your home and renewal of your walk as one flesh after Jesus Christ.

    God bless you both in Jesus’ name, you are a precious possession of God’s Kingdom, enjoy oneanother!

    Glafeus and Renee

    • Hi Renee,
      Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. We are honored to be a part of the body of Christ. May the Lord continue to pour out His favor, grace and peace upon you to strengthen you for your assignments to make Jesus name famous.
      Many blessing to you!

      • Paul & Leonie O says

        Dear Leann,

        Grace and peace is multiplied unto you and especially for Carl at this time, through the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. We see Carl (and yourself) recording even greater anointed music that brings healing to the world. Your testimony will cause many healing miracles in Jesus name! Amen.

        • Thank you for taking the time to send your words of encouragement to us.
          Many blessings to you too!

  9. Leann, THANK YOU for sharing your story honestly. I firmly believe that that depression is the insidious attack of the enemy on God’s anointed leaders. Too quickly we forget how susceptible we are…I just viewed your interview with Ron Kenoly, et al…and I’m not surprised at your childhood dreams. You ARE a General, in God’s army! AND You ARE a CIA operative (Christ in Action). You get to take up the weapons of praise – So YOU GO, GIRL! “And God SAID, Let there be LIGHT”…Here’s a reminder for those of us who suffer the attacks of depression & anxiety…’Through words of faith spoken out of your mouth, (the enemy) must comply! Don’t cower and surrender, unleash words of power…turn the tide using ‘the WORD of God’- from “Detox your spirit- 40 day devotion to change your life” -Apostle Charles Magaiza

  10. Darryl Rayner says

    Leann, l do not believe it is a coincidence I stumbled across your story. Just this evening l had been for a drive to go to a quiet area just 5 minutes from my home where l could part out my heart to God and if need be Scream & shout without someone yelling at me. I lost my father in April 2014 where he died of heart a liver related illness. l became a Christian in 1990 and in 1991 about 9 months after I got saved, my second Youngest brother died fairly suddenly of a brain haemorrhage. He was very fit and was a strict vegetarian and l had to make a decision along with family to turn off his life support. I fully believed God would heal him as I heard God say he will be alright. | called God some choIce names I can assure I can assure you . Since that the l piled on weight to the point that I am over 400 pounds. I lost a lot of weight changing my diet to vegetarian and walking a lot, but one Christmas l thought I might just try some turkey and that was the end .
    Since my dad died l started gaming even more. So tonight I went for a drive and cried out to God. l really sensed the Lord say that from this day there will be a shift in the spirit realm. One plan I have is to fast every Sunday e commit the week to the Lord to help me overcome & also walk in newfound joy. I too have sleep apnea but I cannot use the CPAP pump because mine is almost highest setting and I cannot get to sleep with, it. I know this far only God has kept me alive, Praise His beautifull name.

  11. Dear Leann,

    I’ve always been a huge admirer of your beautiful voice, ever since I heard you and saw you worshiping our wonderful Lord with Ron Kenoly. I’m from Argentina and I used to buy and see al the videos, where you feature in many of them.
    Now I came across your website and by reading your testimony the Lord has touched me through you ones again, as I’m currently going through a very hard situation with my little daughter Emma’s health. Last year I heard for the first time the song “Yes I love You” and at the time I was completely devastated by my child’s situation, and certainly the presence of God was incredible vivid while listening to your song.

    Thank you for serving Jesus with your heart and your talent, God uses you in a way that you can’t even imagine. I would love to be in touch with you and receive a little bit of what the Lord has imparted to you! Bless you! Laura

  12. Lawrence says

    Your testimony has breathed new hope into my life. Have served God all my life and He has proved so faithful to my family and I. I so desperately desire direction WRT the closing years of my life and ministry. When the heavens seem as brass and you need answers is when one needs to read of the goodness of God that you have experienced. Thank you for sharing and building my faith to continue to trust God for our breakthrough.

  13. Oluwatosin Adeniyi says

    Thanks Leann your voice on those album especially on Don Moen’s has blessed me. Keep the good work the Lord will perfect the healing of your husband Carl,amen. Regards to him and your children.

  14. Dear Leann,
    We bless God for performing the miracle in your life. Many times we face these things but through faith we must overcome. Thank you Kristin Sclafani for making mention of the book Detox Your Spirit. I have received so many testimonies from thos who have taken the 40 day journey.

  15. tola akinsulire says

    God Bless You Leann

  16. Thursday, 5/17/2018
    Hi Leanne & Carl,
    I have been a fan for many years after finding one of your Worship Albums at a garage sale. Your music & worship has inspired and encouraged me many times and through valleys and by the darkness that comes with chronic pain. I love the U Tube u two made in 2007 about Protecting and watching over us at night cause that is when I feel alone and restless. I too am struggling to find some intimacy with my wife, Kim of 27 years and a son , Forrest who recently married, Ashley Thomson, a beautiful Christian bride, and daughter we are launching as a teacher, her last year at Seattle Pacific University. So I so appreciate your genuine transparency and humble testimony for Christ is our strength. Keep vigilant and know that your testimony is sound and true, and I appreciate your blogs and writing.
    Much Appreciation,
    Alexander Fleege
    Bothell, WA

  17. catherine miles says

    praise Adonai mum leann.i am watching you in paul wilbur’s video and i just felt in the spirit to google your name not knowing what God had i store for me in your can’t imagine what your testimony has just done to me.even before i was through reading it ,i. took authority and commanded the spirit of depression and frustration out of my life and immediately i felt the peace of God cover in Kenya

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