The Taco Truck

Carl and I slurping delicious “lengue” tacos from the Taco Truck on a Sunday afternoon. ..there’s nothing like hot sauce, lime juice and cilantro dripping through your fingers with each bite. Who says you have to cook every meal at home….even on a budget?  99 cent tacos…..LOL!




  1. Karen Briscoe says

    Wow, It is lunch time and this has greatly increased my appetite. Do they have fish tacos ? Is this a Chain? I totally agree nothing like lime juice and cilantro dripping through your fingers. Not quite as economical but a real treat…..The Local Taco Shop in Brentwood corner of Church St. and Pewitt St. down the alley a bit……..very unique and now my favorite place to eat in that area. By the way,Leann, I really enjoy your postings and the worship is a wonderful weekday experience. Blessings and hugs to you two and do you have anything scheduled in the area soon? Karen

    • Hi Karen…thanks for your post. I don’t think the Taco Trucks are a chain but local Mexicans who purchased vending trucks. There are several on Dickerson Rd, Lebanon Rd and Nolensville Rd. They speak very little English but can understand your order. Have fun slurping in the goodness. 🙂
      BTW…Carl and I pastor The Well which is a gathering, twice a month, that meets near Opryland Hotel. I’ll put you on the list for updates and times.
      I hope you are doing well!

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