A Holy Hush

Tonight was yet another delightful surprise.....we experienced God's presence in so many ways. ..from high praise, riding the waves of His Spirit to resting at His feet in total peace. The night ended in A HOLY HUSH. It was too hallowed to even speak....not quite like anything I have ever experienced before. What a moment! Thank you, Lord.....and thank you band for a tremendous job! Band: Drums- Carl Albrecht Keys- David McKay Guitar-Albert Kitech Bass-Gary Lunn BGV's - Mary … [Read more...]

“Burrow Into My Goodness”

As I was asking the Lord what He wanted to say at the Well that evening, He said, "I want you to burrow into MY goodness". I liked what He said but I needed clarification to broaden my understanding of what He meant. As I did a word study I found that "burrow" means to hide oneself, as in a burrow; a place of retreat; shelter or refuge; to delve deeply. The word "goodness" means the state or quality of being good; moral excellence; virtue; kindly feeling; kindness; generosity; … [Read more...]

My Passion For Jazz

Of course, worship music is my first passion but jazz is my second musical love. I've listened to it for years but never performed it "live" until last year when my friend, David McKay, encouraged me to pursue my interest. My first official jazz gig was in Atlanta. I was so nervous, however, once I got past the jitters, I had the best time crooning through the tunes. The next gig was a wedding reception where I had to learn 3 new songs for the bride....one of which is L.O.V.E. by Natalie … [Read more...]

The Gentleness and Majesty of the Lord Displayed

I led worship at Grace Center on Sunday morning.  It was a high-light!! During worship, we entered into a deeper realm of the Spirit than I had ever experienced. That morning, the Lord instructed me to enter "gently" so we started with an old song called, The Steadfast Love then went into Amazing Love. It proved to be the perfect launch pad into His presence. Thank you, Lord for revealing your incredible love for us that day!! The band was amazing too....Carl on drums - Luke Gambill on keys, … [Read more...]

My Song Writing Approach

Here I am in a writing session with Miriam Webster at EMI Studios in Brentwood.  I am so excited to finally be writing songs for my new CD.....or whatever it will be called by the time I finish! LOL! My method of writing has changed a bit over the years. I used to write from an "artist" standpoint instead of from a worship viewpoint. The difference is one that song is more congregational and the other is more for listening. I enjoy writing both, however, because for the passion of worship … [Read more...]

Recording Session Technique

In addition to leading worship in live settings, I enjoy cutting vocal leads and background vocals on recording projects. This weekend, I had a great time singing the lead on a Christmas song for producer, Gary Lunn. When I'm asked to sing a "lead", I like to have an MP3 of the song ahead of time so I can live with it a bit. I perform better when I feel like I "own" the tune rather than just singing the notes. Typically, I chart out the song (in the number system) and go through it a few … [Read more...]

“A Blessing” For You

[audio:http://leannalbrecht.com/wp-content/uploads/10-The-Blessing.mp3|titles=10 The Blessing] The power of God's blessings on our lives is amazing....and all encompassing! When I am in doubt, I read these verses aloud to remind myself of how much He loves me and has provided for me as His child...then hope begins to arise.      The Blessing    (Numbers 6:24-26) Words and Music by Leann and Carl Albrecht and Jeff Slaughter High Hill Songs   ASCAP 2007  -   CCLI 4987815 V1 The Lord … [Read more...]

Take My Life

[youtube]GKh8e7HQPAo[/youtube] This is a great rendition of the hymn, Take My Life.  We had a great time recorded this in an Atlanta studio before a live audience. For more songs that speak my heart, check out my "You Are The One" CD.  Online store … [Read more...]

All Over Underwire Bras

ALL OVER UNDERWIRE BRAS By Leann Albrecht (Warning guys: Sorry the subject matter centers around bras, but that’s the story.) One day while meandering through the outlet mall, I decided to check out the Hanes lingerie store. A young blond in her twenties greeted me. It wasn’t long before we found what I was looking for and headed to the cash register. While ringing up my purchase, we chatted about things we love about different underwear (a conversation, I’m sure would never exist … [Read more...]

And Then There’s More….

This night we experienced waves of praise and worship.  There is one thing that continually amazes me each time we worship, it's completely different, exciting and refreshing! There is ALWAYS more from the Lord. We never exhaust His infinite love and power. Every time we worship Him, we discover new and delightful dimensions of His character. Our relationship is two-way ....He loved us first and our response is loving Him back. 1 John 4:19 (AMP) We love Him, because He first loved … [Read more...]