Squash Blossoms


I had heard about fried squash blossoms for years but never tried them until this summer. Since I compost our garden spot during the year, there are lots of “volunteer” plants that come up. This summer, I had an abundance of squash coming up every where. Literally, they were taking over the garden!

So one morning I pulled out some of the biggest vines which were full of blossoms. I pitched the vines and pulled off the huge blossoms and put them in the skillet. Wow was I surprised!  What a taste sensation! Actually the flavor has a earthy resemblance of mushrooms. When lightly fried in olive oil, it releases a delicate subtle fragrance which pared perfectly with  my eggs and bacon.

Fried Squash Blossoms

8-10 large squash blossoms

3 TBSP olive oil

Gently fry blossoms until lightly browned and crispy. Salt to taste. Serve hot.

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  1. Leann! My grandmother used to fry these up every summer! Welcome to an Italian summer home! Yum! My mouth is watering!

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